Capsicum Extract Review

Capsicum Extract Review: Is This Supplement Overrated?

Capsicum Extract Review: Is This Really A Miracle Weight Loss Supplement?

Capsicum is a natural supplement that has a wide variety of health benefits. One of the most popular of these benefits is the weight loss effects it can induce. You see, members of the chili pepper family are rich in capsainoids which have a peculiar ability: they burn body fat, reduce calories and boost metabolism.

But that is not all they do. Capsicum extract has been used to relieve pain for many years and is still used to season food in different parts of the world.

How Does Capsicum Extract Work?

Recent studies have shown that capsicum aids in thermogenic weight loss. What is thermogenic (or thermogenesis for that matter)? You may want to ask. Well, thermogenesis is a process by which the metabolic rate (of the body) rises in turn leading to excess fat burning. The active ingredient behind all these benefits is called capsaicin.

According to scientific research, capsaicing produces-diet induced thermogenesis, which leads to faster metabolism thereby increasing the rate at which the body spends energy. This leads to depletion of glucose in the blood sugar thereby forcing the body to burn glycogen to meet its growing energy demands. The end effect of this is gradual fat loss – the healthy way.

Another way by which capsicum extract helps in losing fat is by suppressing your appetite. One of the biggest hurdles in the battle for the bulge is an increase the urge to eat. Capsaicin (the main active ingredient in this extract) reduces your appetite, thereby keeping hunger pangs at bay. It is also worth noting that Capsaicin has its action on certain hormones and neuro-chemicals in the body that are responsible for increasing body weight. This includes insulin levels, bloog sugar, tricaylglycerol and leptin.

A 2010 Study Done By A Korean Research Firm (GreenMedInfo)

The study used rats, dividing them into three groups. One group received a normal diet, another a high-fat diet supplemented with capsicum extract and the last one with just a high fat diet. The rats were evaluated after two months.

The Results

The first and the third group of rats had gained weight lots of weight. It was further reported that the second group of rats gained less than 8 percent of what the other rats had put on. The scientists conclusively confirmed that capsicum works to lessen the effects of dietary fat. It was also reported that high levels of capsaicin in the body up-regulates some genes and down-regulates others to boost weight loss.

Capsicum Extract And Obesity

In yet another study (published in the journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences), experts revealed that capsaicin could be the single most effective, natural way to counter obesity. In fact the supplement’s effectiveness in dealing with obesity and unwanted fat gain has been likened to that of an intensive surgery in various public forums (and with far less risks).

But weight isn’t the only good thing with capsicum. As a matter of fact, continuous consumption of this supplement has been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol levels thereby supporting good health of the heart. It is also by no coincidence that people who eat meals containing capsicum rarely have gastrointestinal problems. Meals seasoned with capsicum rich products are known to have positive effects on people with diabetes and arthritis.

Other Pros To Taking Capsicum Weight Loss Supplements

*All-Natural Metabolism Booster

Increases metabolism, reduces triglycerides and keeps cholesterol in control. Also prevents indigestion.

*Effective Antioxidant 

Free radicals tend to accumulate in the body causing irreparable damage to the cells, nerves and blood vessels. Capsicum is rich in Vitamins A and C, which are well known for their powerful antioxidant properties. Capsicum by extension protects you against bronchial asthma, osteoarthritis, cataract etc.

*Reduces Your Risk Of Cancer

With cancer cases growing by the day, it is believed that capsaicin is capable of treating cancer by preventing carcinogenic agents from binding with DNA. Regular consumption of capsicum extract starves cancer cells thereby killing them.

*Strengthens Immunity

Vitamin C which is abundantly found in this supplement is best known for its role in stimulating white blood cells to fight infections. Other than that this vitamin type also prevents respiratory ailments such as wheezing and asthma.


Although there are immense benefits to taking capsicum, people using anti-coagulant medication are advised to seek medical advice before taking anything with capsaicin.

Final Word

Capsicum is a special gift from Mother Nature to all those who have been struggling for years to lose weight with little success. Pure Capsicum Plus, a supplement that receives our highest recommendation. You can click the link below.

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Capsicum Extract Review


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Does Capsicum Extract Work For Weight Loss?

Does capsicum extract work? Well, if recent studies and customer reviews are anything to go by then the answer to this question is a resounding YES. We delve deeper into this interesting topic.

Historical Evidence Of Capsicum Extract

Capsicum has been used for many years as a dietary supplement in South America. For a pretty long time, the extract has been used as a spice simply because it makes one feel more satisfied after eating just a small portion of food. Today, capsicum-rich foods are used in literary every part of the world including all the remote corners of North America. The world has gradually woken up to the reality that capsicum is the best supplement to reduce appetite, burn energy, reduce body mass, boost metabolisms and reduce excess fat.

Scientific Evidence

Does Capsicum Extract WorkOver the past 30 years scientific research has shown that capsicum is safe and highly effective in the battle for the bulge. More recent studies by various researchers and doctors show that the thermogenic properties of Capsicum help in suppression of appetite.

It has been proven that when thermogenic foods are ingested, they raise the body’s temperature thereby increasing the body’s metabolism. Faster metabolism boosts the breakdown of excess calories in the body. While still been touted for its weight loss properties, capsicum extract is also a good source of zinc, lutein, carotene and other essential vitamins.

Scientists from leading universities and research centers across the globe are in agreement that capsicum can lead to the following health benefits.

* Helping to stabilize sugar level

* Stimulating blood circulation and altering the body’s temperature

* Preventing inflammatory disorders in the body

What Capsicum Users Say (Capsicum Reviews and Testimonials)

Many people have testified that Capsicum Extract really works. They have given positive feedback on how the drug helped them lose weight and have also openly testified of its other important benefits.

Onlineshopper747 (A shopper on says “I have been using Capsicum extract for the last three weeks and have already lost several inches. I’m yet to weigh myself; I’m just going by how my clothes are fitting me. And I haven’t been starving myself. During this time I’ve in fact had small Dairy Queen cones and consumed a couple of bags with corn chips. I’m sure I’ll be ordering capsicum extract again.”


Bwstaxlady (An online shopper on says “The extract helped me control my cravings for snacks and sweets. The weight loss has also been steady and it’s quite a good start. When I mixed it with my meal, it added spice to them.”


Linda D. Eger (San Diego, CA) says “Capsicum extract did help me lose a couple of pounds and although I have GERD, it took quite some time before it bothered me. I’ll try pill form going forward. Oh, be prepared to sweat a little bit.”


Jayne (Shops on says :I just started taking this supplement but so far all is good. I definitely felt the heat and started sweating. Now let’s wait for the fat to melt.”

As you can see, capsicum extract does work. You only need to take as per the manufacturer’s instructions and wait for the benefits to come within a matter of weeks!

Article written by Stephanie Kayle.

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how to take capsicum extract

What Is The Correct Capsicum Extract Dosage For Weight Loss?

For many years, Capsicum has been used to treat skin problems and alleviate pain. Recently though, medics and nutritionists have given it a nod as an effective weight loss supplement. But what is the correct capsicum extract dosage?

Capsicum Extract Dosage – How Much Should You Take?

Capsicum Extract DosageThe recommended dosage of capsicum extract for weight loss is 500 mg two times per day. You can take 500 mg early in the morning and then take a second 500 mg in the afternoon. It is further recommended that you take each dose with a large glass of water to allow for quick absorption of the extract to your body.

Experts further recommend that each dose should be taken on an empty stomach. You are therefore at an advantage if you take all your doses at least one hour before consuming any major meals. Most importantly, ensure that all your doses are regular as irregular consumption habits could interfere with the products effectiveness in weight loss. If you by mistake skip one daily dosage, don’t double up your next intake.

Right Timing

If you normally take your first dose at 7 am you can give yourself a one hour margin of error. This way you can take your first dose at 6 am if leaving home earlier than you usually do or at 8 am if you happen to wake up late.

The rules are pretty much the same with the evening dose. If you usually take it at 7pm you can alternate that by a one hour’s margin depending on your schedule. There is absolutely no problem if you take it at 6pm or later at 8pm.

Double Capsicum Extract Dosage?

Some people want to know if taking 500 mg more than twice a day is safe. Well, since capsicum is an all-natural supplement, and there are not any known side effects, it may be possible to lose more weight by increasing the dose of capsicum. However, like with any other health product out there, it would be incorrect to exceed the officially approved dosage. This is a topic that would be better answered by a licensed nutritionist or medic.

During the period of using this product, you are cautioned against taking: alcoholic substances, cocaine or any other of the hard drugs. In the same vein, capsicum is not recommended for people on anti-coagulant medication.

Is It Safe To Take Capsicum With Other Supplements?

Capsicum extract is largely a safe product, but you don’t want to be taking multiple supplements together. In particular, it would be inappropriate to take any supplement that contains caffeine or ephedrine, since these chemicals may produce harsh side effects within the body.

Capsicum does not contain any stimulants, so you should not worry about side effects while taking your daily dose. As with any other supplement out there, capsicum extract should not be given to pregnant/lactating mothers or young kids.

To sum it up, make sure you check the ingredients sticker of the packet containing this extract when you decide to purchase. It’ll do you no good to consume a 500 mg dose of an extract that is stuffed artificial ingredients and binders.

Written and published by Stephanie Kayle.

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Health Benefits Of Capsicum Extract

Learn More About The Health Benefits Of Capsicum Extract

Capsicum is an herb that is extracted from dried pods of red pepper. From capsicum we get capsicum extract which is a combination of crushed hot peppers and white vinegar. This extract has a number of health benefits to the human body. This extract has been used for medicinal purpose for many years now. This is because it is very rich in vitamin A, B, C complex, cayenne and calcium.

All these nutrients are important to the normal functioning of the body.

The Following Are Some Of The Many Health Benefits Of Capsicum Extract

Capsicum Benefits

Weight Loss

Scientist have found that capsicum plays a vital role in weight loss. The extract contains thermochemical properties that helps to boost ones metabolism. All a person will have to do is to take the supplement about an hour before a workout and they burn up to 42% more calories than they would without the supplement. Doctor also proved this test in front of a live audience on a recent episode of the Dr Oz Show.

Improves Heart Health

Capsicum extract helps in preventing heart diseases like heart attack. Cayenne a compound found in capsicum helps in promoting cardiovascular health. On top of that provides a tonic effect on the general circulatory system. It acts as a vasodilator by opening arteries to allow proper flow of blood to and from the heart.

Prevents Blood Clot

Capsicum extract also prevents the clotting of blood in the body. With its effect on blood platelets, cayenne prevents the blood from clotting. With its anticoagulant properties cayenne naturally prevents the blood to clot and forming lumps with no toxic effects to the blood or to the body as a whole.

Slows Bleeding From An Open Wound

In liquid form, Dr Oz Capsicum Extract has the ability to slow down blood oozing from an open wound. On top of that it also promotes fast healing of the wound. In case you cut yourself or in case of an accident you are advised to cover the area with a bandage dipped in capsicum liquid for fast relief.

Treatment For Stomach Problems

This extract has been used in the past and even today to treat stomach disorders for example general stomach pains, intestinal gas, diarrhea and even stomach cramps. It can rebuild the intestinal tissues in case of peristaltic action and also cure stomach ulcers.

Helps In The Treatment Of Type 1 Diabetes

A recent study shows that capsicum extract can actually cure type 1diabetes. This is attributed to the effects of the high content of cayenne in capsicum. It stabilizes blood sugar levels while at the same time reducing the high cholesterol levels in the blood. Therefore if you are suffering from type 1 diabetes you are advised to use this extract regularly.

Pain relief

Capsicum extract can also be used as a pain reliever for example it helps relief toothache, headache, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle spasms, nerve pain, fever and even back pain.

In summary, from the above health benefits of capsicum extract, it is okay to suggest that indeed capsicum is a very beneficial herb not just for weight loss!

This post is written by Stephanie Kayle. For more information about Dr Oz Capsicum Extract and reviews, please stay tuned to our updates.

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Capsicum Extract

Introduction To Capsicum Extract ~ The Many Benefits Explained

Word about the many health benefits that come with taking capsicum extract has spread like wild fire since early 2013. More and more scientific evidence is trickling-in in favor of this widely sought-after supplement. The number of positive testimonials and reviews posted on the net about this product is growing by the day.

So, what is capsicum extract and what is the secret behind its high potency? Are there any side effects to consuming it?

Read on to learn more about this highly praised supplement.

What Is Capsicum Extract?

What is Capsicum Extract

Capsicum has been used for centuries in Mexico where most plants that produce it are native to. Recent studies show that if one takes 200mg of the extract before exercising, they can build lean muscles and burn fat faster.

*Faster, Healthy Weight Loss

Capsicum works in a variety of ways to trigger fast and long-term weight loss. For starters, it lowers your appetite such that in times you’d expect to feel hungry you’ll actually feel satisfied. This gives you greater control over what you eat and helps you overcome the temptation to have an “illegal” snack bite to satisfy your hunger.

Besides that, capsicum is known for its ability to boost your metabolism. Those who use this extract on a regular basis have confessed to feeling a gradual increase in energy levels. If you’re lacking the energy to partake in workouts, this is the only extract you’ll ever need to re-vitalize your physical performance. The Video below Explains…

 Capsicum Extract Review ~ Burn Fat FAST With RED PEPPER


Capsicum activates the nervous system that is associated with a process called thermogenesis and this speeds the body’s oxidation of fat. Recent statistics show that capsicum can increase the rate of fat oxidation by up to 42%.

You lose weight even when not sweating it out in the gym.

According to a report by the University of Maryland Medical Center, capsicum can increase your body’s production of heat for a short time. The report further indicated that regular consumption of this supplement can as well regulate blood sugar levels by regulating breakdown of sugars and carbs after eating.

A 2005 research done in the Netherlands and later published in the International Journal of Obesity showed that subjects who took capsicum-rich meals decreased appetite but increased satiety and energy expenditure. In a more recent study done by Rina Yu in 2010 and later published in the Obesity, animals fed a high-calorie diet and supplemented with capsicum extract had lower blood sugar levels. These two studies concluded that capsicum may reduce glucose intolerance by improving insulin resistance, suppressing inflammation and enhancing oxidation of fatty acid.

*Other Benefits Of Taking Capsicum Extract

Aside from its many benefits to weight loss, Capsicum extract is a well known source of Vitamin A, C as well as significant amounts of zinc, rutin and potassium. When used alongside other supplements, the product can help increase their absorption into the body, allowing the user to enjoy the benefits of the supplements with greater ease.

Vitamins A and C are good for strengthening your immune system and preventing impotency. Vitamin C comes in handy in preventing nose bleeds.

This tangy extract helps relieve gastrointestinal problems like dyspepsia, diarrhea and ulcers and even curbs excessive flatulence. This perhaps explains why stomach problems were a rare feature in ancient Mexico despite widespread consumption of dirty water; then.

Capsicum has also been used for long as a pain reliever. One of its ingredients by the name capsaicin blocks the transmission of pain and this relieves pain to a certain extent. Capsaicin possesses antioxidant properties which help destroy harmful elements that trigger aging and malignant growth of cells. According to American Cancer Society’s official website, medical researchers are now looking at the use of capsicum as a possible treatment for cancer.

Capsicum extract can be used externally for treating sprains, bruises, sore back muscles, rheumatism and arthritis. The liquid form of this product can be used to slow bleeding from an open wound. Saturating a clean piece of cloth or bandage with capsicum then placing it on the wound will feed the damaged skin and cause blood to the capillaries surrounding the injured area. This process promotes faster healing.

Final word

Capsicum extract has a relatively wide margin of safety. However, those who have bleeding or cardiovascular disorders should speak to a medical expert about taking this product. To some people the spiciness of capsaicin may be a bit of a problem – especially those with esophageal reflux, ulcers or a history of gastrointestinal disorders.


I am Stephanie Kayle and I Hope we’ve answered your question on “what is capsicum extract” to your satisfaction. Please share this post using the buttons to the left if you enjoyed and stay tuned for more!

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